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The history of D. LAZZARONI & C.


Lazzaroni vintage graphicsLazzaroni – famous for the traditional Amaretti di Saronno – is among the oldest and most renowned Italian bakery and confectionery companies. Already at the end of the 18th century there was a "Laboratorio Lazzaroni" which produced the “Amaretti di Saronno”; in the first half of the 19th century the vocabulary reported a very precise definition: “small, round and spongy candy made of bitter almonds and crushed apricot kernels, mixed with sugar and egg white, then baked in the oven”.

While during the whole 19th century the production revolves around the Amaretti di Saronno and egg biscuits, since 1888 – the official year of foundation – Lazzaroni also develops English-style cookies for tea time, crackers, filled wafers,  pastries, panettoni and chocolate. Its vocation for quality is well represented by the various medals and awards won by the company.

Since then Lazzaroni never stops growing, its products being strictly linked to the developments of the modern Italian society.



Lazzaroni factory The main feature of Lazzaroni is surely the ability of blending the products' artisanal nature with the usage of the most advanced production technologies. Lazzaroni built its brand by respecting on a daily basis an own set of strict rules:

  • searching and selecting genuine raw materials
  • careful respect for the traditional recipes
  • a broad product range
  • state-of-the-art technology
  • very fine image
  • strict quality control on finished goods and respect for hygiene rules in the premises
  • on-the-job training, often handed down from one generation to the other

Each department in the company thrives on these principles. Every worker at Lazzaroni has inherited from the past the golden rule of always putting quality at the first place.



Lazzaroni Amaretti

More than 100 years have passed since the first Lazzaroni pastry production. However, we still keep the old values alive. The best and most genuine ingredients, the original recipes and an accurate production process are the secrets for a uniquely great taste.

For these reasons the Lazzaroni pastries are the highest expression of excellence in Italian quality and taste.

Little pleasures every day, because eating well means taking care of yourself.

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